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Pat O'Halloran is the perfect example of a volunteer’s contribution to minor hockey in our region. She began her involvement in assisting our young hockey players from Pierrefonds Minor Hockey Association in the mid-1980s.

At that time, her involvement was as ice scheduler for Pierrefonds Minor Hockey Association which also included Île-Bizard. If you can appreciate ice scheduling nowadays with emails and on-line live updates to websites, imagine how much fun and work was involved with only communicating by fax and telephone. There is no truth to the rumor that Pat still has her old telex machine.


As any true volunteer in minor hockey, you can’t get by on just doing one job, so from 1994 to 1998, she also occupied the position of Treasurer of the Pierrefonds Minor Hockey Association. A job that would eventually lead to bigger and brighter things.


From 1998 to 2003, she served in the Ligue Nord-Ouest or the LNO as it was affectionately called back then. Drawing on her experience with Pierrefonds Minor Hockey, Pat held the post of both Ice Scheduler and Treasurer (told you bigger and better things were in store for Pat), two very important positions during the course of a hockey season. At one point, the LNO consisted of more than 300 teams, making it the largest single-letter league in Quebec!

Eventually the LNO would be restructured into several smaller leagues, but that did not stop Pat from continuing to contribute. When the CHL was formed, Pat stepped right up and continued in her role as treasurer. A position she held until 2013.  

And while she stepped back from ice-scheduling at the league level, Pat remained involved as the ice scheduler for Deux Rives, handling all the duties for the double letter organization. As a long time experienced ice-scheduler, Pat is renowned for her calm demeanor while those around her were losing their heads with stress.
On top of her two major roles in administrative support to minor hockey, Pat also, for some years, was involved as an organizer and coach of girl’s hockey on different teams of the Pierrefonds Minor Hockey Association. Moreover, Pat also never hesitated to volunteer when the Pierrefonds Minor Hockey Association organized its annual tournament which, at the time, brought together close to 200 teams!


Always a pleasure to work with and always there to lend a hand to the success of any event regarding minor hockey, we would like to thank and congratulate her for her involvement.

For lifetime achievement and exceptional selflessness, Hockey Lac St-Louis is proud to induct into its Hall of Fame, on this May 31st, 2015, Ms. Pat O'Halloran.


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